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TV Meteorologists= Heroes? | Weather

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TV Meteorologists= Heroes?
TV Meteorologists= Heroes?

As Weather Becomes Big Story, TV Forecasters Play Hero

Take a few minutes to read this article! It’s a great write-up with three important points.

  1. The weather is becoming more extreme, whether it’s climate change or not…and whether we like it or not!
  2. Weather technology has greatly improved over the years, which has allowed our forecasting to greatly improve.
  3. This combination puts TV forecasters in a very important role.

Here’s the thing…I don’t feel like a hero and I don’t think most broadcast meteorologists do either. We are just following our passion…some may even go so far as to call us weather geeks (I’m ok with that by the way!) When we cover severe weather, we aren’t thinking…"I want to be a hero."

We are simply using our knowledge and our station’s technology to try to keep people safe. That is why we step on programming and run crawls on the bottom of the screen. Our ultimate goal is to inform people of the hazardous weather…I guess that would make us heroes in some people’s books, but I still don’t see it that way. 

I see it as I’m doing my job.

--Meteorologist Sonya Stevens


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