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Rainfall Surpluses in the Past | Weather

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Rainfall Surpluses in the Past

“Rain is a Good Thing,” at least that’s what country singer and Georgia native Luke Bryan sings. And these days I think all of us, not just the farmers, agree! I know my husband and I want it for our grass, which is definitely a little crunchy these days. When Mother Nature waters the lawn, it’s cheaper than when we run the sprinklers!

With the extremely dry conditions lately, it’s hard to think about when we have had extremely wet conditions…at least that is the case for me and I’m not the only one! A viewer wanted to know when was the last time we had a rainfall surplus going into the spring and going into the summer. After some help from the National Weather Service, this is what I found:

The normal rainfall amount in Macon for January 1st through March 21st is 12.96 inches.

We had a surplus going into the spring in 2003…we started the spring with 14.49”, which is 1.53” above normal.

The normal rainfall amount in Macon from January 1st through June 21st is 22.92 inches.

We had surpluses going into the summers of 2001, 2003, and 2009. We had rainfall amounts of 26.77”, 33.07”, and 25.56” respectively.

We are in an extreme drought now with a rainfall deficit close to 8 inches. There are only two realistic ways for us to get out of the drought: frequent and widespread thunderstorms and a tropical system moving inland. We are hoping that first way pans out for us late this week into this weekend. I know we don’t want the thunderstorms, but we desperately need the rain!

--Meteorologist Sonya Stevens





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