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Protecting Your Furry Friends from the Heat | Weather

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Protecting Your Furry Friends from the Heat
Protecting Your Furry Friends from the Heat

It’s summertime here in Central Georgia, which means plenty of heat and humidity!! We know the basic safety tips for us humans are to stay hydrated, take breaks if working outside, and limit your time outside during the hottest part of the day if possible. But what about our furry friends…how can we keep them cool during the “dog days of summer”?

Here are some basic tips.

  1. Never leave your dog or cat in a closed vehicle on a hot day as the temperature inside a car can rise to over 100 degrees in a matter of minutes.
  2. Keep your pets inside if possible; if not make sure they have a shady spot.
  3. Always have lots of cool, fresh water handy. (Most dogs love ice cubes too!)
  4. Take walks in the early mornings or evenings, when the sun's heat is less intense.
  5. Try to avoid prolonged exposure to hot asphalt or sand, which can burn your dog's paws.
  6. Some dog breeds have more trouble with heat than others. Dogs with short noses, known as brachycephalic dogs, have a hard time in hot weather.
  7. Dogs are much happier when they don't have to drag all that fur around in the hot weather, so why not treat them to a summer hairdo.

Hopefully you and Fido can both stay cool…we still have at least 2.5 months left of this hot and sticky weather!


For more pet safety tips, check out this great article from the Washington County Animal Shelter.

--Meteorologist Sonya Stevens


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