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Air Force to consolidate recruiting offices, increase staffing | News

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Air Force to consolidate recruiting offices, increase staffing

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Most Air Force recruiting offices are staffed by one person, and that doesn't sit well with the Air Force's top training officer.

"Most of those, to the tune of about 70 percent, are manned by a single airman," Gen. Robin Rand, commander of Air Education and Training Command, said Aug. 20 at the Air Force Sergeants Association conference here. "I don't like that. That doesn't go with our core values. We don't go into the battle by yourself."

Because of this, AETC and the Air Force Recruiting Service are overhauling the recruiting structure nationwide to make sure every recruiting storefront has at least two airmen. In addition, the service is looking to consolidate its approximately 925 recruiting storefronts into 160 "hub" offices, with another 200 to 250 smaller recruiting stations.

The change will reshape Air Force recruiting to be more like the offices of other services. For example, another unnamed service has seven people for each office, Rand said.

"We'll cede some of the territory to our Marines, Navy and Army," Rand said, hinting that the Air Force will close recruiting offices in some areas. . "But, I think we'll be much more efficient, we'll be better manned, we'll be much more resourced, we'll be better supervised and it's better for those recruiters out there to do their job, and we owe them that."

The change comes as the Air Force has overhauled its special duty assignments, including recruiting. While the service previously relied on volunteers to fill the jobs, commanders now select airmen to serve in those positions. The positions come with special duty pay, but the airmen face a lot of work.

"These are fantastic airmen that we have," Rand said. "But, I'll tell you right now that they are overworked. They are really humping out there and that's one of our big challenges."


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