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New members elected to the Houston Board of Education | Community Spirit

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New members elected to the Houston Board of Education


Houston County Board of Education now has two new members. Hoke Morrow took the seat for Post 6, while Bryan Upshaw won for Post 7.

Morrow beat his opponent Sheila Ashley with 57% of votes. Upshaw had a significant lead over his opponent Tannya Duncan, winning 65% of the votes.

Both Morrow and Upshaw celebrated with loved ones late into the evening. We caught up with both of them after the final results came in.

Morrow, owner of Hoke Heating and Air in Perry, Georgia, celebrated at his business headquarters. He said he had mixed emotions after his win.

"Actually, I was excited, but when I figured out we had won when most of the precincts tallied in, I was a little bit nervous because now I got what I asked for. I feel like I've got the tiger by the tail," said Morrow.

Upshaw celebrated the win with loved ones also, at his home in Centerville. He says he's relieved.

"I'm just glad that we're done campaigning. The last four months are behind us, and look forward to working with the citizens of Houston County," said Upshaw.

Both winners will serve for a two-year term.

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