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Photo Gallery | 'My Own Personal Air Show'

Yesterday afternoon, I was treated to my own personal air show at Robins. 
Well ok so that is an exaggeration. My friend from the STS-135, and Space Camp tweetups, Charles aka @absolutspaceguy, had the opportunity to take a flight with the Blue Angels. The Blue Angels, the Navy   show team, are in town for the Robins Air Force Base Air Show this coming weekend. So I drove to the base to watch his flight.

They performed the Eagle takeoff maneuver where the plane pretty much goes vertical. 

One of the Air Force Pilots could not be left out of the fun, or be shown up by the Navy, so he did the same thing within minutes of Charles' flight.

After about 45 minutes Charles' plane came back in, they did a fly by first.
If only Charles had known to look out the right hand side of the cockpit, he could have waved. :-)

One of the other sights to see was this, Jet Powered Bus.... It will be on exhibit this weekend at the air show!

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