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Georgia Southern and Staton Co-Owned Company Still At Odds

After more than a year, a company co-owned by state senator Cecil Staton's family and Georgia Southern University still disagree over money.

The university says it sent their $53,000 dispute to a collection agency, but the company's lawyer says they may send it to court.

Staton is majority whip of the Georgia Senate.

He is also president and CEO of a company called Georgia Eagle Media.

One year ago this week, we first reported that Georgia Southern claims the company owes them more than $50,000.

$20,000 to Rebuild 3 Homes in Warner Robins

20 pairs of hands, $20,000, and one lucky homeowner.

"It is getting totally remodeled and I thank God for it," says Lena Anderson who lives on Dunbar Road.

Wells Fargo presented the big prize to Rebuilding Together Warner Robins. That money will be used on three home projects, including Anderson's house.

"The paint was coming off and there were holes in some of the places in the floor. I had a little fire in my washroom that was all messed up," says Anderson.

"She needed some extensive paint work on the inside and outside. She needed some repairs on her bathroom; front and back doors needed some replacing," says Rebuilding Together Project Manager Joanne Alford-Robinette.

The handy helpers scraped off layers of the old and lathered on a new coat of paint.

These volunteers started working at 9 a.m and will call it a day around 5 p.m. The house will be completed in about two weeks after they fix the heat and the air.

McMahon Named 21st Century Head

Retired Major General Robert McMahon is the new president and CEO of the 21st Century Partnership.

That's the Warner Robins community group that rallies support for Robins Air Force Base.

McMahon retired last week as commander of the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center. He was named Thursday morning during a partnership meeting at the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins.

Former executive director Mary Therese Tebbe stepped down a few months ago to take a job with the Georgia National Guard in Atlanta.

Major General Rick Goddard will hand over the reigns to McMahon in September. He says McMahon will have a full plate when he takes over but believes his leadership skills will help him get the job done.

He says, "His ease working with people, his persona in the community, all of those things go to make him the perfect choice for this."

21st Century to Choose McMahon as New Leader

 The 21st Century Partnership is about to make some news of its own.

Sources familiar with the search for a new executive director for the organization told Lorra Lynch Jones that retired Major General Robert McMahon will take the reigns.

McMahon retired last week as commander of the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center.

The 21st Century Partnership is expected to make the announcement Thursday at 10 a.m. at the Museum of Aviation.

Former executive director Mary Therese Tebbe stepped down a few months ago to take a job with the Georgia National Guard in Atlanta.

General McMahon Set to Retire Friday

General McMahon Set to Retire Friday

General McMahon is set to relinquish command of the Warner Robins Logistics Center and retire after 34 years of service Friday, a Robins Air Force Base news release says.

Leave your well wishes for General McMahon here as he plans to retire right here in Central Georgia.

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Robins Commander Involved in Minor Car Accident on Base

Major General Robert McMahon was treated for minor injuries after a two-car accident on the Robins Air Force Base Tuesday, according to a base news release.

Base spokesperson Chrissy Miner says McMahon and the driver of the other car were taken to the Houston Medical Center for evaluation. 

McMahon was released a short time later and returned to work.

The base news release does not describe the accident.

Investigators have not released the other driver's name or condition.  The cause is still under investigation.

The accident happened two days after a tree fell on another government vehicle used by McMahon.

McMahon retires Friday.

30,000 Bees Swarm Kathleen Mailbox

A family says they're relieved to have their front yard back after thousands of annoying pests made a home right outside of their driveway.

More than 30,000 bees made their home on the Greene family's mailbox in Kathleen.

On Sunday, a beekeeper and a local helper, Darlyn Davis, used a vacuum to suck the thousands of bees off the mailbox.

The Greenes say they first noticed the bees buzzing on Saturday.

"I pulled in and I thought something was growing on the mailbox like a plant or something and I pulled in and saw them swarming and I ran to tell her, my mom," said Brittany Greene.

The bees didn't leave any honey for the family but soon they'll be buzzing in a new home.

Davis says she's built a bee box and plans to raise them herself.