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30,000 Bees Swarm Kathleen Mailbox | News

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30,000 Bees Swarm Kathleen Mailbox

A family says they're relieved to have their front yard back after thousands of annoying pests made a home right outside of their driveway.

More than 30,000 bees made their home on the Greene family's mailbox in Kathleen.

On Sunday, a beekeeper and a local helper, Darlyn Davis, used a vacuum to suck the thousands of bees off the mailbox.

The Greenes say they first noticed the bees buzzing on Saturday.

"I pulled in and I thought something was growing on the mailbox like a plant or something and I pulled in and saw them swarming and I ran to tell her, my mom," said Brittany Greene.

The bees didn't leave any honey for the family but soon they'll be buzzing in a new home.

Davis says she's built a bee box and plans to raise them herself.


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