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Robins Family Has Surprise Memorial Day Reunion | News

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Robins Family Has Surprise Memorial Day Reunion

One local Air Force family received a Memorial Day reunion they'll never forget.

Master Sergeant David Sims of Centerville surprised his wife Robin and their four children at Turner Field. The act was a part of the Hometown Heroes effort by the Atlanta Braves. Sims served a six-month tour in Afghanistan on a NATO installation.

He says his surprise wasn't a spur of the moment deal. He had been working with the Braves and Public Affairs since February. Monday afternoon, his family had no idea why they were called onto the field.

Sims says, "Everyone cheered for them, then they played my message that I had pre-recorded."

The family thought they were seeing Sims via satellite, until he said, "You know I can't wait to be home with you. In fact, wait just one minute."

Then, Sims walked off camera and onto the ball field. "They saw me, and I saw them. We all ran towards each other and the hugging and kissing commenced," he explained.

Sims says he's more than happy to be home. When asked what he looks forward to most, he says American food.


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