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Houston County Railroad Crossing Has No Safety Gate | News

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Houston County Railroad Crossing Has No Safety Gate
Houston County Railroad Crossing Has No Safety Gate

An incident report shows a Houston County officer could not hear the train warning in his car at the site of Sunday's accident. 

But he could see the flashing crossing lights. Some Warner Robins residents say the lights are not enough.

"People are losing their lives there," says Shirley Reeves.

Before she crosses the tracks, she says she stops, even though there isn't a stop sign. 

"A lot of people be in a rush and they don't even stop; they just shoot on out there," says Reeves.

She says she doesn't think the flashing, red lights are enough to warn people of an upcoming train.

"People aren't going to pay those lights no attention. They're just going to go right on anyway," says Reeves.

Susan Terpay, Director of Public Relations for Norfolk Southern Train Company, says the train company can install safety arms, but it's up to the Georgia Department of Transportation to decide where they go.

We reached out to GDOT to see if the crossing at Ignico Drive and Highway 247 is on their list to add safety gates, but they couldn't tell us.

GDOT's website says several factors go into putting up barriers, like the among of traffic using the intersection, train volume and accident history.

Verleda Graves works right next to the track and says it's easy to get side-tracked while driving.

"If you're in a hurry and you don't hear the train, but just because you don't hear it doesn't mean that it's not coming, you get comfortable I think with the surroundings you think you're going to always hear it." says Graves.

She says the intersection is dangerous. 

"There is an accident every year there," says Graves, "One accident makes it unsafe." 

Reeves agrees there should be a change. 

"If they had a rail there it would be more safe for the people in the community."

You can mail your request for an investigation on a railroad crossing to:

Georgia Department of Transportation

600 West Peachtree St., 10th Floor

Atlanta, GA 30308

Attn: Key Phillips, Railroad Crossing Program Manager

Include a detailed map showing the location of the crossing, railroad inventory number (if known) and a picture.



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