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Robins Commander: 'We're seeing positive trends' | News

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Robins Commander: 'We're seeing positive trends'

The current leader of the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex says he intends to drive the work and people there toward "legendary" status.

Brig. Gen. Walter Lindsley took the helm in August, coming in as Robins implemented a new way of producing aircraft.

Lindsley's predecessor, Brig. Gen. Cedric George, implemented it as part of an Air Force wide directive to streamline aircraft maintenance.

Robins old way of doing business had it lagging behind maintenance depots at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma and Hill in Utah for doing the work on-time.

That's considered a drawback to Robins' ability to keep and attract work.

Lindsley said, "We were taking in six jets and only producing three jets. As you can imagine, the math doesn't add up, and pretty soon, I have twice as many as I am supposed to."

He says about a year after the standardized production system began, it's showing results.

Lindsley said, "We're seeing very positive trends."

Take the F-15 for example. Lindsley says a year ago aircraft waited up to three months after arriving at Robins before maintenance could start.

As of January, F-15s will go directly into the shop and come out faster than ever before, he said.

Lindsley said, "It is having the desired effect. Not only that, but they can see the problems and issues quicker and they have a methodology they can respond to them."

He says problems still exist that cause delays, such as mechanics not having the parts they need to make repairs.

He said, "It's a subject of every production meeting that we talk about."

Lindsley says bringing that sort of issue to top Air Force leaders and staying the course with the new production plan should take Robins work to new heights.

He said, "We will approach legendary. That's hard work."

Lindsley says he's seeing improvement in the speed and quality of work done on Robins three other airplanes as well.

Those are the C-130, C-5 and C-17 air frames.

He also added that, "The entire WR-ALC's productivity factors and budget execution are higher and better than they have been in at least 5 years. These facts have me very encouraged about the direction we are heading."

Monday on Eyewitness News, 13WMAZ talks to Lindsley about his leadership style and how he's guiding the workforce of Central Georgia's largest employer.


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