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Robins Air force base helping clean air efforts | News

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Robins Air force base helping clean air efforts

Robins Air Force Base helps keep Central Georgia humming, but being the state's largest employer also means it's also a big source of pollution.

Otis Hicks, the base's director of civil engineers, says Robins has been working with Middle Georgia's clean air coalition to make sure its a part of the solution and not the problem. For Robins, that's," anything that could impact our ability to grow, the ability to handle new work loads..."

He says so far the base has placed idling restrictions for all vehicles coming through the gates,

maintained the BIRD or Buses Into Robins Daily shuttle program, and is now working on a new solar farm.

"That is to enable us to provide electricity back to the grid through an alternative means of fuel instead of fossil fuels," Hicks said.

The Middle Georgia Clean Air Coalition submitted its strategy and action plan to the regional Environmental Protection Agency and plans to help Central Georgia reduce its pollution levels to meet guidelines that could be stricter next year.

"They've looked at all their processes to see how they can use less fuel," said Carol Kemker with the EPA's air division.

The goal? keeping air quality up to snuff so businesses don't face tough restrictions if they want to grow here.

"There's a much closer look when a company wants to expand its operations or a new company wants to come in," Kemker said.

Hicks says for Robins it's just another air mission of sorts, and the base will complete with pride.

"Anything that affects society can affect us, but also we know that things that we do can affect, and we want to make sure we minimize what those effects are," Hicks said.

The Environmental Protection Agency is in the process of evaluating the Middle Georgia Clean Air Coalition's strategy and action plan in order to make sure the group is doing enough to keep pollution levels low.


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