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Robins Airman Receives Bronze Star with Valor | Military

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Robins Airman Receives Bronze Star with Valor

The Bronze Star Medal is the U.S. military's fourth highest combat award.

Now one Central Georgia Airman has earned the medal for acts of valor.

"I'm here to tell you that this may be the first and the last time that you guys see such an award," said Col. Joseph Scherrer of the 689th Combat Communications Wing. "The reason is because it's rare."

Master Sgt. Gene Jameson was given the Bronze Star with Valor, but to find out how he got here you'd have to walk in his boots on August 20, 2011.

"I was stationed in Afghanistan and we got attacked by insurgents," said Jameson.

Fellow serviceman Master Sgt. Mylo Gibson was also in the compound that night.

"We had rocket fire coming in to the compound and on the particular night the smoke plumes looked like they would touch the heavens," he said.

"I had my guys start knocking buildings down, creating a fire break," said Jameson. "As we were doing that, I stumbled, literally tripped over two crates of shoulder launch rockets, anti-tank rockets."

The flames were within feet of the ammunition, according to Jameson.

"He knew if that wasn't dealt with--the 50 airmen, soldiers, sailors, marines, coast guardsmen and allies that were involved in dealing with this inferno--they were being put in harm's way," said Scherrer.

That's when Jameson and another airman went to work, after a building fell and blocked their main way in and out.

"We had about a 150-yard-long by about 6-foot-wide area that we could get through," said Jameson. "We picked up the crates. We loaded them up with a pallet jack that we found in some burning rubble and pushed it out."

Gibson said things could have been drastically different that night.

"We'd have lost Bagram Air Field. We had already lost five acres," said Gibson. "Who knows how my night would have ended if he wouldn't have done what he did."

Scherrer described the scene as Jameson emerged from the burning buildings.

"The hair was burned off of his arms. His uniformed was charred." 

Jameson says the five-acre fire destroyed 80 to 90 buildings, but only minor injuries were reported.

His wife Jessica attended Thursday's ceremony. They have two sons and have lived in Central Georgia since 2010.

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