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New commander at Air Logistics Complex
New commander at Air Logistics Complex

Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex now has a new commander.

Brig. General Walter Lindsley took over as commander of the industrial complex today in a ceremony at the Museum of Aviation.

Lindsley replaces Brig. General Cedric George, who is moving on to a job at the Pentagon.

He says Robins is making steady progress and doesn't intend to change their way of doing business.

"What you should see is a steady dose of the implementation of the AFSC way which is the production system that's been implemented over the last two years" said Lindsley.

he says the system Sergeant George has used during the past two years is finally resulting in quicker aircraft repairs.

Air Force Sustainment Center commander General Litchfield called the event a transition in command, not a change.

"A lot is going to remain the same. You're going to be expected to deliver world class results" said Litchfield.

For the former Director of Staff at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, this is a big change for him. New city, new role, and over seven thousand men in his command.

"I'm confident from the training. The anticipation is what will we face together as a team" said Lindsley.

Lindsley is a 32-year veteran of the Air Force.

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