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Robins to Award Historical 3.7 Billion Contract to Boeing | Business

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Robins to Award Historical 3.7 Billion Contract to Boeing
Robins to Award Historical 3.7 Billion Contract to Boeing


ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. – The Boeing Company will be awarded a $3.749 billion dollar contract in support of the Royal Saudi Air Force F-15 Fleet Modernization Program.  It will be the largest foreign military sales contract in the bases’ history, a Robins Air Force Base news release says.

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“The team has overcome obstacles on a short timeline, doing enormous resource planning with industry and the RSAF. It is a program with international scope and national importance. We’re very proud to be leading this effort from Robins.” said Lt Col Jay Schatz, Deputy Security Assistance Program Manager for the effort.

The F-15S to F-15SA Conversion and Provisioning contract provides for the development and procurement of conversion kits required to convert the RSAF’s 70 existing F-15S aircraft to the new F-15SA configuration, perform test and evaluation of the converted fighter jets, and provide aircrew familiarization to USAF and RSAF pilots.  The F-15SA will be the newest variant of the combat proven F-15E Strike Eagle.  It is an all-weather multirole fighter designed for long-range, high-speed interdiction without relying on escort or electronic warfare aircraft.  It is more lethal, survivable, and maintainable than its predecessor.

Additionally, this contract provides for base stand-up kits which include initial spares and support equipment needed to achieve operating capability and maintain this capability until follow-on supply support is established. These base stand-up kits will support and maintain 154 newly produced and converted F-15SA aircraft at four Saudi Air Bases. 

"2012 is going to be an extremely busy and exciting year for Team Robins and the Air Force," said Col. Robert Stambaugh, F-15SA Security Assistance Program Manager. "This contract award solidifies Robins' role as a leader in foreign military sales throughout the Department of Defense."

This effort is one element of the $29.4B FMP that will ultimately provide the RSAF with 84 new F-15SA aircraft, 70 converted F-15SA aircraft, spares, repair and return maintenance, support equipment, standard technical orders, aircraft integration, training and other associated activities and weapons.



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