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Robins Combat Readiness School

Members of Robins 5th Mob, or the 5th Combat Communications Group, are trained in technical fields, but at a moment's notice, they're expected to perform tactical roles.

The Combat Readiness School makes it possible.

13WMAZ went Behind the Lines to experience the techniques used to transform engineers into warriors, in just 11 days.

Recently, a training field on the backside of Robins, sounded and looked like a war zone.

Airmen Evan Lynn said, "The mortars are real. The bangs, everything's real."

The reactions, the adrenaline; the experience. The combat drill is as close to reality as possible.

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Deployed Robins airman comes home

Just in time to celebrate our nation's servicemen and women this Veteran's Day, a Robins airman on a year-long deployment in Afghanistan is now back on U.S. soil.

And his stepkids who attend Lake Joy Primary School got a shocking surprise during their art class on Monday morning, as Colonel Kevin Webb walked through the doors.

Robins talks Ebola protocol for airmen

ID=17312565The woman in charge of managing public health emergencies for Robins Air Force Base calmed concerns about airmen bringing Ebola back home with them after deployments.

Colonel Anita Winkler, chief of aerospace medicine at the 78th Medical Group, called the risk of that happening low for two reasons.

One. she says there are no Robins airmen currently deployed in West Africa.

BREAKING: Third Robins AFB airman's body found in Japan

UPDATE: Officials at Kadena Air Force Base in Nagasaki, Japan said Wednesday morning a search team has found the body of the 3rd airman from Robins Air Force Base swept out to sea by waves during a typhoon on Sunday.

A news release from the base says a combined team of Japanese and U.S. Air Force rescue teams discovered the third body in the water, just a few miles south from where the three airmen were last spotted on the northwest coast of Okinawa.

On Tuesday, Kadena Air Force Base announced they recovered the body of a second airman swept out to sea by waves after a typhoon.

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Robins Aero Club open to private pilots


It's not just the Air Force flying planes out of Robins anymore.

As of about a month ago, just about anyone with a pilot's license can do it. People can earn one at the Robins Aero Club.

13WMAZ went Behind the Lines to meet the instructors putting people from outside the base gates, inside the pilot's seat.

Skip Piper runs the Aero Club. His is the voice on the end of the line, when potential pilots call for information.

Stenner: Robins Looks Solid

Don't expect any new flight missions to come to Robins anytime soon.

New CEO of the 21st Century Partnership retired Lt. Gen. Charles Stenner delivered that message at his first meeting.

Stenner took over leadership of the organization that advocates for the base about a month ago.

He replaced retired Maj. Gen. Bob McMahon, who left the partnership to work for Boeing.

Stenner says while he doesn't see new flight missions on the horizon, he does see the potential for gaining work in areas such as military intelligence or surveillance.

He says the Air Force by-passed Robins, when it looked for a spot to locate the new KC-46 aircraft.

Stenner says Robins couldn't offer what the Air Force needed.

Robins Air force base helping clean air efforts

Robins Air Force Base helps keep Central Georgia humming, but being the state's largest employer also means it's also a big source of pollution.

Otis Hicks, the base's director of civil engineers, says Robins has been working with Middle Georgia's clean air coalition to make sure its a part of the solution and not the problem. For Robins, that's," anything that could impact our ability to grow, the ability to handle new work loads..."

He says so far the base has placed idling restrictions for all vehicles coming through the gates,

maintained the BIRD or Buses Into Robins Daily shuttle program, and is now working on a new solar farm.

"That is to enable us to provide electricity back to the grid through an alternative means of fuel instead of fossil fuels," Hicks said.