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30,000 Bees Swarm Kathleen Mailbox

A family says they're relieved to have their front yard back after thousands of annoying pests made a home right outside of their driveway.

More than 30,000 bees made their home on the Greene family's mailbox in Kathleen.

On Sunday, a beekeeper and a local helper, Darlyn Davis, used a vacuum to suck the thousands of bees off the mailbox.

The Greenes say they first noticed the bees buzzing on Saturday.

"I pulled in and I thought something was growing on the mailbox like a plant or something and I pulled in and saw them swarming and I ran to tell her, my mom," said Brittany Greene.

The bees didn't leave any honey for the family but soon they'll be buzzing in a new home.

Davis says she's built a bee box and plans to raise them herself.

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Houston County Man Shot in Police Stand Off

A Houston County man is in the hospital after a Houston County Sheriff's Deputy shot him during a stand off.

A press release says deputies responded to a 911 call about a domestic disturbance around 6 p.m. Saturday at 1204 Houston Lake Road.

When they arrived, the release says 61-year-old David Clayboss had a weapon in his hand and they asked him to put it down. When he didn't one of the deputies shot him and he was taken to the hospital. No one else was hurt.

The release did not say if they charged Clayboss with any crime, but the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has been called to investigate since an officer was involved in the shooting.

The Houston County Sheriff's Department asks if anyone has information on this incident to call the GBI at 478-987-4545.

Middle Georgia Baseball League is Hosting a Free Game

Team 42 will be playing the Tigers of the Middle Georgia Baseball League, June 9, 2012.

The competition is open to the public and kicks off at 3:00pm at Mount De Sales High School.

The MGBL consist of players who are drafted from different areas of Middle Georgia.

It may not be the big league, but every game is a big game to the men that love baseball.

The president of the league, Chris Dunn, states "This league was created to provide for men, 18 and up, an alternative to softball and allows us to continue to play the game we grew up on."

The teams of the MGBL include the Braves, Brewers, Cardinals, Indians, and the Tigers.

"42" Casting Needs Older Extras for Paid Appearances

Filmmakers are looking for older African-Americans and Caucasians to appear as extras in the movie "42." 

Rose Locke, of Catrett Locke Casting, says they still need younger extras too, but that older locals sometimes think they aren't wanted. 

They specifically want extras age 50 and older.


Extras will be paid $8 an hour for the first eight hours and $12 an hour after that, in addition to receiving breakfast, lunch and snacks.

"And it's a chance to see how a movie is made," Locke says.

The scenes they need to fill slots for will be shot mostly next Tuesday and Wednesday so extras should apply as soon as possible.

They will be fitted for their costumes on Monday.

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Warner Robins Teen Wins $25K, Plans for Mercer

A Warner Robins teen, 19-year-old Sequoyeah Canion, had that lucky moment where he scratched off a winning lottery ticket.

He bought a Cash Deluxe ticket and found himself $25,000. With his new winnings, Canion told the Georgy Lottery that he plans to go to Mercer University to study mechanical engineering.

A press release from the Georgia Lottery said a family visit brought Canion to Perry, where he bought his winning ticket at the Perry Food Mart.

He said, "I scratched the ticket, and I was excited. Winning feels good."

Canion went to the Georgia Lottery District Office in Macon on Thursday to claim his winnings.

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Commander Talks About Time at Robins

Major General Robert McMahon looks back fondly on his time as Air Logistics Center Commander at Robins Air Force Base.   McMahon's retirement ceremony is set for June 15 but he won't officially retire until September. 

McMahon talked about plans for the future during an appearance Eyewitness News Mornin' Wednesday.